Operators cabin

The control cabinet is placed “on shore” of the carousel, and all control signals are hardwired between the drive and the control cabinet.

For some umbilical carousels the control cabinet is placed on the carousel, and power supply and control signals are hardwired via bus bar lines.

Warning signals and other relevant data are transmitted wireless to the operator’s cabin.

The control signals are given from a joystick, pushbuttons and switches in the operator’s cabin on the loading arm support. All control signals are transmitted via Profibus. In addition there are pushbuttons in the control cabinet door, to drive the carousel during service and maintenance, after activating a selective switch “Remote/Local” in the control cabinet door.

The operator’s cabin is supplied with AC, heating and a slewing chair with consoles with all control equipment and touch display displaying all errors and other relevant data. A camera is installed at the loading arm end and a monitor is installed in the operator’s cabin, to monitor the drop-down point of the umbilical. This gives the operator a comfortable and safe working place.