Main supplier Demag

Demag is the world leading producer within material handling. The biggest advantage is that they produce all the components themselves. For that reason they have full control of the quality of the components and availability of spare parts.

Components from Demag are extremely maintenance friendly and our cranes gives you guaranteed the best availability over time and to the lowest possible price.

Demag designed the very first lifting device for over a 185 years ago. The product range has grown to be market-leading, the technique is on a level that are difficult to beat and the quality is in a class that all the competitors are trying to copy.

As a sole supplier for Demag in Norway, DEMANOR is in the situation where we can offer lifting devices anywhere and to all possible purposes. Heavy or light. High or low. Complicated or simple. Nothing is impossible. The idea is that we are going to be the absolute co-operative partner for both Norwegian industry and consultants. For many companies, we already are in that position.