After the Second World War the reconstruction of Norway started. Demag became a big supplier of furnaces and process cranes to Norsk Jernverk. The construction of ironworks was a big political and important issue for the government. As a result from the many Demag crane deliveries in Norway, Industrimateriell was founded as a sole representative in 1949.

The company increased considerably and had a big share of the market on industrial cranes. In 1964 the company changed their name to AS ISMA. With service department in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, the company kept increasing. KIS Consult AS bought the company in 1988 and changed the name once more to KIS AS. The company came to an end in 1991 and was then placed under Mannesmann Demag Norge AB in Sweden. From 1993 the company made another change and got the name Mannesmann Demag Norge AS with full control from the owners in Germany.

Bør Holding as, fully owned by Bård Hopen, bought the crane company in 1995 and changed the name to DEMANOR AS. At the same time the co-operative concept with DEMANOR AS the production company, Norsk Kranpartner as the engineering company, and KIS as, nationwide service partner, was established. This has been the constellation from 1995 and up to this date. During this time, the group has grown to be the biggest actor in Norway both trading purposes and number of employees.

There once was said about our brand name Demag: ”If anyone can make Norway lift, it is us!” Demag designed the very first lifting device for over a 185 years ago and for over 100 years Demag has been leading within this sector. DEMANOR takes care of this tradition and developes in time with new requirements of the regulation and needs in the market.

The vision is: ”Your material handling - our responsibility!”

Contact person: Bård Hopen